Whether it is a withdrawal of containment by stage or national, the economic actors must be ready to relaunch the machinery. However, this requires reflection upstream. And the implementation of these recovery plans will be done in strict accordance with health protocols. In a brief interview with Défi Media Group, Kevin Ramkaloan, Chief Executive Officer of Business Mauritius said:

“The health crisis is global. All of our markets are affected. Maurice suffers the effects. In such an environment, Business Mauritius has set up six committees to deal with the Covdi-19. Some committees work in an emergency. Others are mandated to think about the future. Within Business Mauritius and our members, health is the priority of the day and will be. That said, we need to think about different recovery scenarios for the future. It is our duty to work on a planned recovery. They will be implemented in accordance with well established health protocols. Everything will be done according to post-containment rules and state directives. We will adapt to the different scenarios, whether gradual or total de-confinement. ”

Unless extended, confinement will be lifted on April 15, signifying a return to normal in the country, whether in public or private services. To date, only essential services have been put to work.

Although the real impact on the economy has not yet been quantified, there is talk of a contraction of 3%, according to the first projections of the Ministry of Finance. AXYS Stockbroking expects a contraction of 5%, tourism being a very affected sector.

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