Most of the news in New Caledonia with the arrival of surgical masks and FFP2, the list of companies admitted to partial unemployment, Jacques ally who requests the deconfinement of the province of the Islands and exactions and assaults to the SLN of Kouaoua.

Cured patients
No new case of coronavirus, but two people considered cured left the Médipôle on Tuesday. Other people should also get out of isolation, according to the DASS, which specifies that to be considered cured, there must be no more symptoms and that two screening tests performed at 48 h intervals must be negative.

Masks have arrived
Another government announcement is that 490,000 surgical masks and FFP2 arrived yesterday. Remember that a group order of two million masks was made a few days ago. Commissioned by the government and the three provinces. 15,000 screening tests are also expected.

Local mask manufacturing
And to follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization, New Caledonia will also launch local production of masks by Caledonian companies. They will be intended for the public. Objective: to reach a production of 1,500,000 cloth masks. Two types of masks are concerned, according to specifications defined by the DASS. About sixty companies were contacted.

Partial unemployment: the list of beneficiary companies
The government has published on its website the list of companies that will benefit from the partial unemployment scheme, in the context of this health crisis. A specific covid 19 allowance has been created to maintain employment in businesses. The aid paid to employees amounts to:
. 100% for SMG people
. 70% of the last gross salary, up to 4.5 times the SMG.

Vale NC adapts to the Covid-19 crisis
On the Vale NC side, industrial activity continued during the health crisis. Management has taken all the precautions to protect workers: taking a temperature, wearing a mandatory mask and cleaning the hands. The ship continues its rotations between the city and the factory, but with fewer passengers on board. The company also received 40,000 masks for employees. Despite the crisis, the search for a buyer for the southern factory is also continuing.

Deconfining Loyalty?
The president of the Province of the Islands Jacques Lalié wishes the lifting of the confinement in his province. An approach that he wishes to submit to all of the country’s actors and authorities. According to Jacques Lalié, the conditions are now in place for the islanders to resume the normal course of their lives: more than 20 days of confinement and no cases Covid 19. He challenges the government and the high commissioner.

Barrier gestures translated into language
Since Tuesday, the government has been broadcasting health messages from Dass via social networks. In addition to French, eight vernacular languages, Drehu, Iaaï, Na Djubéa and Ajë are available to the public.
The instructions sheets or brochures are also published in Wallisien and Futunien. The authorities’ objective is to disseminate these messages to as many people as possible, and in particular to people whose French is not their mother tongue.

Donations for the inhabitants of Ouvéa trapped on Grande Terre
Since the suspension of flights two weeks ago, many islanders have been stranded in Noumea. The calls for donations continue to come to the aid of his people.
After Lifou and Maré, the customary council of Iaai calls for donations of food to the people of Ouvéa. These products will be harvested on Monday and sent to Secours Catholique in Nouméa. The association will then take care of distributing them to the people concerned.

Bereavement in confinement
The health crisis is upsetting customary practices in Kanak environments. Families and clans are struggling to cope during this time of confinement.
They are forced to modify certain practices, especially during mourning. We will go to Koé, a tribe of Touho, who was bereaved a few days ago. Only the immediate family was present.

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