Stand out from the competition? It’s not always easy to produce a freelance business. Like you, a lot of things are determined to take the plunge. In recent years the number of freelancers has even exploded! There are about 50,000 new freelancers every year, that’s all! In France, according to Eurostat, their number increased by 145% between 2008 and 2018. If this data is not intended to scare, it must nevertheless make people aware of a chosen one: the competition is very real. That’s why it’s essential to stand out! Here’s a comment.

Why stand out as a freelancer?

Even if you don’t feel it directly around you, this competition, it exists. It’s everywhere. If you frequent freelance platforms, you can find out. For the same geographical location, there are sometimes dozens or hundreds of independents who offer the same services as you.

In view of this, companies are indeed entitled to ask why it would choose you, rather than another freelancer. It’s simple: for the answer to be obvious, you need to be able to stand out from all the others. Be careful though, this does not mean that those who do not fail! Perhaps they have a network already well in place, and recommendations that go with a shovel…

But what is certain is that by trying to stand out, you will have more to gain from it. This will give you less of a rest on your network. Customers will come more naturally to you, because you offer something different. And good news: it will also be easier to retain them. They will not be able to say that they would have the same service to the competition, if the one you offer them is unique.

How can you stand out effectively when you’re a freelancer?

Specialize as much as possible

The first thing to do wants to want to go freelance, is to specialize. Are you used to working with a particular industry? You can offer your services in web development, community management or design in the field you know best. This is a sign of additional confidence for the companies that are called to you. They will know that their core business, or their field of activity, is not unknown to you. A time saver for them… and for you!

You can also specialize in a tool, or computer language, a working method, etc. The important thing to remember is that choosing a niche for his freelance business, you can differentiate yourself from others and strengthen your expertise.

Never beeshees on quality of service

Another differentiing element is the quality of service. Do you want to offer a service to your customers? This is a great point to stand out from the competition. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous freelancers, who do the work without much care, and have nothing but a relationship of trust with their clients. Your quality of service can be a real asset. If your prospects or customers in conscience, they will have a hard time going through someone else…

Highlight your personality

Beyond your qualities and expertise, personality plays an important role. In professional life and especially are independent, it is sometimes decisive in the choice that some customers come to you. The way you are, how you express yourself, how you display your image shapes your personal communication. Your personality, as in private life, can arouse attraction in the professional world, as if you had a certain aura. Customers will want to work with you, just because it’s you and who you are, in addition to offering the services they need.

Be only visible from your ideal audience

Some beginner freelancers tend to want to be everywhere. They open several social networks for their professional activity, see each other at all the afterworks of their city, network fully with everyone. Result: they do not stand out at all. To want to be visible to all is to be visible to no one in reality. Your actions must converge on one but: finding customers. Don’t waste your time communicating with people who will never be your customers. Being in the right place at the right time is also a way to stand out. So be where your target is and unwind your plan! Show who you are, talk about your expertise and give confidence… on the web, as in real life.

Play in the big leagues

To stand out, you can also choose to aim higher. It’s easy to be recognized as an expert, work for big accounts or be interviewed in recognized media. If you manage to get the precious contacts, or you have enough guts to go to the nerve, you can fat reporter. Being quoted by big names is always a guarantee of quality, think about it! What is good for your notoriety will necessarily be good for your turnover.

Now you know why it’s essential to start the competition and comment on how to get there. Even if these tips are not always easy to implement, they still ask you to make your mark as a freelancer. Remember that with perseverance, you can move mountains. Then… Get to work!