Angèle Préville, senator from Lot, questioned Minister Elisabeth Borne, on the practice of disinfecting the streets and on the place of the “savage” in our society.

During the work of the Senate Committee on Regional Planning and Sustainable Development, held by videoconference on Thursday, April 2, took place the hearing of the Minister of ecological and solidarity transition Élisabeth Borne, on issues related to the COVID-19 crisis.

Angèle Préville, senator from Lot, intervened on two subjects, on the one hand the practice of street disinfection and on the other hand, on the place of the “savage”, within the framework of the preservation of biodiversity.

Questions from Senator Angèle Préville

Ms. Angèle Préville: My first question is very down to earth. Is the effectiveness of street disinfection practiced in certain municipalities proven, knowing that this disinfection is done with bleach, with consequences on our water resources? Are these practices becoming widespread? Wouldn’t the use of soapy water be enough? Should we improve communication on certain behaviors – I was told that there were many sputum on the sidewalks of Paris? Are these disinfections only intended to reassure the population?

I would also like to come back to a point already mentioned: the place of the “savage” in our society. Due to the loss of their habitat, animals are getting closer and closer to their homes. Couldn’t France be a force for proposals, in international bodies, so that we give back our place to wild fauna, by means of parks and reserves? A place we need, humanity is always threatened by the loss of biodiversity!

The responses of Minister Elisabeth Borne

Ms. Élisabeth Borne: There are many questions and requests regarding the timeliness of disinfection operations in public spaces or establishments open to the public when they reopen. The High Council for Public Health has been seized of the subject, the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Security, will also be, more specifically on the terms of these disinfection operations, in particular the products used. Given the concern that arises among our fellow citizens the health measures implemented in the public space, I believe it is important to have these two opinions, which will make it possible to act, if necessary, and to do so in using the right products.

On the place of wildlife, we must not lose sight of the challenges in terms of biodiversity. Consideration should be given, in particular, to the development of human activities in areas where there were none until now and where there is a risk of updating viruses that have never been in contact with it. man. These activities could be linked to the pandemics that we have known for several years.

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