We are at war! Voice wants to aggressively attack fake news, even if it means setting up controversial devices. With a Hernan Arber, founder of EOS Israel, who is joining its walls, Voice wishes today to correct the weaknesses of the traditional media and social networks.

Fake news, the information virus

The decentralized social network Voice welcomes in its team Hernan Arber as Director of Mobile Engineering, a news announced by the interested party himself, in an article published on the blog of Voice, April 9, 2020.

Arber did not just introduce himself: he also explains in his post, that in this period of uncertainty, it is necessary to have strong leadership in the medical, financial and media sectors.

Such leadership would help stem the spiral of fake news, which has grown with the pandemic and the impending economic recession.

Voice thus wishes to correct the deficiencies of the media and traditional social networks by implementing a controversial KYC procedure for its future users.

This will identify the author of a post; in addition, the latter will not be able to delete their posts, an additional measure intended to have a deterrent effect for those who intend to commit an offense.

Arber: the voice of EOS

The choice of Hernan Arber probably owes nothing to chance when we know that he is the founder of EOS Israel. EOS Israel is a Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) created in 2018, whose goal is to promote the EOS blockchain and decentralized applications built on the EOSIO platform.

Arber can boast about ten years of experience in the field of mobile engineering.

The news of his appointment is a strong signal of the dynamism of the EOS community, in which the most active members can participate in the advancement of the project from the inside.

In addition, the company Block.one, founder of Voice, will actively participate in the governance process of EOS, hoping to serve as a reference by its vote.

KYC and publications for life: an evil for a good? War on fake news obliges both war and war, even if decentralization and KYC have never gotten along, at least in the minds of many cryptophiles. But on that side, the war is probably already lost.


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